The Weekly Album Release Report: July 29, 2014

Posted by Matt Bjorke on July 29, 2014 at 9:38 pm

Jody Lynn – The World’s Out Dancin’ (Playback Records)

A well-known live performer, Lynn finally makes her debut with Playback Records. The 10 tracks featured on The World’s Out Dancin’ include the rising title hit. The songs Jody Lynn — a traditional country singer — shines the most on are tracks like “You’re Not Here To Miss You,” “Praying For Neutral Grould,” and “Love Don’t Even Know My Name.” The sprited “You’re Gettin’ To Me” is also a standout amongst the tracks. The album may not make her a household name in the Maisntream but anyone who is truly looking for traditional Country singers should check out The World’s Out Dancin’.