England Loves Petrella

Petrella – Shine On Me

Written by Seamus Doran on August 9, 2013 



If you have yet to hear of Petrella, then this 25th Silver Anniversary Celebration CD entitled ‘Shine On Me’ is a treat on the Playback Records/Garden Mound Record label.

Described as the Queen of Country Soul Petrella is a singer of the first rank in any vocal style!

This album screams, talent, technique, emotion and spirit in bountiful measure.

Passionate and emotional this lady delivers a knock out performance on this wonderful album.

This is a knock out CD from the opening title track to the blistering finale of “I Like a Man to Drive Me”.

Arkansas born Petrella has recorded six sell out albums in a career of longevity and depth.

For this celebratory album she has linked up again with legendary Nashville producer Jack Gale and musicians Buddy Emmons and Kevin Dorsey.

Stand out songs include “One”,” Bring the Children Home” and “Walking on the Blue Side”.

A believer in “giving something back” Petrella works tirelessly in raising funds for the underprivileged with scholarships and opportunities for children all over America.

In an age of weary pessimism of celebrities with their “me me me” egoism and self regard it is good to know that talent and kindness sometimes coincides.

As Jack Gale says on the jacket note on the CD ”The Lord has given me many blessings. Knowing Petrella has been one of them”.

Do yourself a favor buy this great album

There is a lot to celebrate.