Jody Lynn

Jim Pierce and I have been trying to sign Jody Lynn for several years.
Time and scheduling have prevented it, until now.
Evidently, The stars have aligned correctly, and thanks to her manager Nancy St. Yves, Jody has joined the Playback Family.
We searched the globe for the best songs.
We got them from England, France, Los Angeles, New York, Nashville.
We brought in Nashville's "A Team" of musicians, and then…..
enter Jody Lynn.
That's when the MAGIC happened.
She blasted the blockbusters, she belted the ballads, she out-phrased the top phrasers.
When you hear this CD, you'll know why….
Let's join 'em.
Jody, you lead…….

The Lord has given us many blessings.
Producing Jody Lynn has been one of them.
Jack Gale & Jim Pierce