“I was watching TV one night and saw three young girls who called themselves Jetset Getset,” says Jack Gale, president of Playback Records. “I was blown away with their harmonies and choreography. Their sound was so new and fresh.
 I called producer Jim Pierce and told him we need to sign those girls and reactivate Playback Records. We did.”

Gale wasted no time. With one fortuitous phonecall, life has taken a drastic turn for country band members Sadie Loveland, 15, Avery Eliason, 14, and Tori Little, 15. Just several weeks after signing with Playback Records in June of 2012, they left their little Indiana town and headed to Nashville to record their debut album, Saturday Night.

“It was like a fairytale, working with those world-class musicians in Nashville,” says Eliason. “We tried to act cool and professional in the studio, but every night we went back to the hotel room, jumped around like crazy on the beds, and screamed our excitement into our pillows so we wouldn’t wake up the neighbors.”


Eliason, Little and Loveland all grew up in Dearborn County, Indiana. Their group was formed by a local music teacher, current manager Kelli Jette, who had a dream of showcasing the vocal trio at the local farmers’ fair.

“We met at Grandpa’s cabin to practice our choreography and songs,” says Little.

The girls took their set on the road, performing classic Motown and country standards at local fairs. “Linda Rondstadt, Dusty Springfield, Gladys Knight, Aretha Franklin…those were our first influences” says Loveland.

Like most young people today, the girls’ musical preferences span many decades and genres. Cutting their musical teeth on those early standards has given Jetset Getset a depth and versatility that belie their ages.

“They sound much older than they are…they always have,” says manager Jette. “When you send an 11-year-old home with a Gladys Knight or Linda Rondstadt track and say ‘Learn this…sing it like her,’ it’s a pretty tall order. But these girls have been fearless from the start. They’ve been raised to bare their souls on stage, and they learned from the best.”